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    Naps g2g

    Ordered on the 8th of feb didnt ship untill the 18th got it on the 25th, with 17 days left on the clock :-), gotta love Naps and the uk post office :-)

    where can i start a blog?

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    yea, its just the way it is, I just posted this morning on another board ranting, every fucking time the package comes that day??? haha.....naps is the shit, I will stand by them, though I bitch, I am massive and perfect and the envy of every god damn person that looks at me......I could not have built my 220 lb ripped body without naps gear...I stand by them, more than ever

    interesting fact, I tried to just order a small oral package, it took 5 weeks, not the 7-8 was not sent from mdova either, so as I stated on another board, the way to do it is to place three orders in a row, small orals to a much larger inject order

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