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Herbs for Healing

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    Post Herbs for Healing

    Musculoskeletal system

    Cleansing herbs: Like nettle help stimulate toxins that can build up in the muscle tissues
    Relaxing herbs like valerian help release muscle tension, particularly if this links to stress
    Anti-Inflammatory herbs: like comfrey help reduce swelling, particularly in joints
    Antirheumatics like yarrow help ease the pain and discomfort of rheumatism
    Diuretics like dandelion help the kidneys to eliminate waste products
    Circulatory stimulants: like rosemary help improve blood supply to the muscle
    Bone tonics: like horsetail are rich in silica, which helps support bone formation

    Digestive System:
    Demulcents: such as comfrey, which soothe and protect the delicate membrane
    Astringent/anit- inflammatories: such as raspberry leaf, which can calm inflammation.
    Bitter: like dandelion or camomile, which stimulate the flow of the bile from the liver.
    Carminatives: like cinnamon or peppermint, which help ease wind in the gut.
    Antispasmodic: such as lemon balm, which ease pain or spasm in the gut.
    Tonics: like angelica, which help to increase digestive juices.
    Relaxants: like lavender, which help to counter emotional stress linked to digestive problems.

    Respiratory System:
    Anticatarrhals: such as sage and yarrow, which help reduce excess mucus in the tract.
    Antimicrobials: such as echinacea and garlic. When help the body fight bacteria and viruses that cause colds and influenza.
    Antiseptics: such as eucalyptus and rosemary, which are aromatic herbs containing powerful essential oils that light infection.
    Antispasmodics: such as camomile and red clover, which help reduce unproductive coughing.
    Diaphoretics: such as elder and peppermint which induce sweating , helping the body eliminate toxins and fight viral infections.
    Expectorants: such as garlic and thyme, which help the body expel excess mucus.

    Immune System:
    Alternatives: such as echincea and red clover, to detoxify the blood and renew the tissues.
    Antimicrobials: such as garlic and thyme to destroy microorganisms.
    Anti-inflammatory: such as calendula and aloe vera, to soothe skin irritation.
    Diuretics: such as dandelion and nettle, to improve elimination
    Adrenal tonics: such as ginger and rosemary to boost the body during long periods of ill health.
    Sedatives such as lemon balm and lavender to reduce nervous anxiety.

    I will be adding more later on this week. NEXT SYSTEMS: Skin, Female Reproductive, and we’ll throw in Male reproductive and then return to the Nervous Systems

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    Part 2: Healing Herbs

    Alteratives: such as red clover and nettle, to cleanse and detoxify generally
    Anti-allergics: Like yarrow, Roman or German chamomile, or marigold to reduce itching, redness and heal resulting from nettlerash, prickly heat, or minor skin allergies.
    Anti-inflammatories: such as comomile and comfrey, to soothe soreness.
    Antimicrobials: such as thyme and Echinacea, to fight infection.
    Cytophylactics: such as lavender and myrtle, for healthy skin growth.
    Diuretics: such as yarrow and nettle, to help elimination of waste products via the kidneys.
    Hormone blancers: such as fennel, agnus castus, or clary sage to balance hormonal fluctuations leading to skin blemishes.
    Sedatives: such as lemon balm and sweet marjoram, to ease stress.
    Vulneraries: such as horsetail and oat, to promote wound healing.

    Astringents: such as yarrow and nettle, which help to tone excess menstrual bleeding.
    Antispasmodics: such as lavender and chamomile, which help ease menstrual cramps.
    Emmenagogues: such as cinnamon and ginger, which initiate menstrual flow,, particularly if it is scanty or absent. (Note, it must be established that the woman is not pregnant before using these herbs, as they should not be used in pregnancy)
    Hormone regulators: such as agnus castus and sage, which balance the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone.
    Nerve tonics: such as lemon balm and St. John ‘s Wort, which help to calm stressful mood swings.
    Uterine tonics: such as Lady’s-mantle and raspberry leaf, which tone and strengthen the reproductive organs and their function.

    Adrenal tonics: such as borage or celery to help with exhaustion and low energy.
    Antiseptics: such as thyme and calendula, to help deal with any infection.
    Demulcents: such as comfrey and aloe vera, to soothe inflamed membranes.
    Diuretics: such as horsetail and yarrow, to improve elimination.
    Tonics: such as ginseng and ginger, to tone the sexual organs.

    Nervous System
    Nerve restoratives: such as oats and borage to nourish the nervous system.
    Sedatives: such as chamomile and lemon balm, to help bring relaxation and improve sleep.
    Stimulants: such as rosemary and peppermint, to uplift low energy and poor concentration (although improving relaxation first is important we tend to be overstimulated already)

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