EQ has been recommended but I know very little about this substance.

Can anybody speak from experience about its effectiveness and safe use?
Do you need to stack/cycle it with anything else to prevent gynecomastia.

I have used m1t for a couple of cycles 6 years ago but haven't dabbled with anything since. and have since been told that m1t is not ideal for primary focus.

My goals are to improve CV fitness, strength and endurance.
I'm training towards a Quadrathlon in July.

I would also like to add a little more size 5-10kg just to have that beach body.

any more than that will be detrimental to my power to weight ratio which is important to me because of some of the sport i do (rock climbing and TaeKwonDo).

Would really value some advice from anybody willing to offer it.
Also feedback on protein powder and creatine recommendations.

Thank you to all