Bench for singles
315lbs for 6x1

Incline db press
110lb dbs for 5x5 (30-45 sec; failed after 3 on the 5th)

Seated oh db press
50lb dbs for 4x8 (30 sec; rped just after the 6th rep on 4, then did 3 more reps)

Close grip decline bench
185lbs for 4x6 (30 sec)

Stretched, bands, theracane like a motherfucker

Ok so i can still do teh 315 and honestly, it felt easier than anticipated. I dont usually do singles for, well, anything, but if i did do them, theyd be for deads, which id like to revisit. Bench tho? Maybe never. I always go for the max, which is always a single, but its always progressive, which means, my max isnt always spot on because im fatigued by that point.
Anyway, so the rest had approved rests. Inclines wouldve been 105, but they dont have them here. Perhaps 100s wouldve been ok.