im gonna cut to the 19(soon to be 20) adn i got bit by the "iron bug" about 3 years 6'0 285lbs.(yes i know thats big) but i am more serious now than ever before on my dieting and training. i am currenlty eating 5-6 meals a day. now being a big guy ive always been to stay away from carbs if u wanna lose weight, but i know thats not healthy. right now i know i am eating the right things (oatmeal, egg whites, chicken breasts, veges, red potatoes, tuna, and apples)..i just need some advice on how much i should be eating at meal times and when i should be eating(i.e. every 2-3hrs.)and if i should boost the number of meals i should be eating. keep in mind that im 6'0 285lbs so what type of diet would fit me best to lose the body fat and gain muslce mass(im already ery broad but i wanna get freakishly bigger) ...oh yea and i go tthe water thing covered as well (3 gallons a day)...I WOULD REALLY APPERCIATE PROFESSIONAL INSIGHT AND VIEWS TO HELP ME GET TO WHERE I WANT TO BE.