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How Can I Fit Lean Meat Into My Diet?

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    How Can I Fit Lean Meat Into My Diet?

    Although this information may seem overwhelming now, start incorporating lean meat into your diet with a simple substitution: Instead of using regular ground beef for those hamburgers, cook them with ground sirloin or even ground turkey or ground chicken. If you’re really feeling daring, trade your T-bone for a top round steak. Another tip is to buy “choice” or “select” grades rather than “prime”. Be sure to check the per serving fat content (fat grams or percent calories from fat) on the label. Some varieties of ground turkey can have as much or even more fat than ground beef — it all depends on the cut.

    No matter what recipe you’re preparing, though, trim the visible fat before cooking meat — even if it’s lean. Also know that marinating your meat prior to cooking helps tenderize tough cuts and give them plenty of flavor (meaning you won’t have to add sauces and gravies at a later time, which can also add unneeded fat and calories). For a healthier dish try broiling, grilling, roasting, poaching or boiling meat, poultry and fish instead of frying.

    Just want to share this article I've read...Hope this helps...thanks

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