At risk of becoming incinerated

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    At risk of becoming incinerated

    Some questions I have after reading the stickies and doing some homework. 1. What qualifies someone to do a particular AAS and not another, ie, what would be the difference between someone using Test C or E and not Tren? 2. What is the end result difference with using straight Test w/ Adex and using Test with Dbol or Anavar or even Deca w/ Adex?

    I am really trying to go about this without getting flammed, but it seems the deeper I look ,the more confused I become. I am the guy with years of experience in training as well as a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, but no real AAS knowledge. I know some of the more experienced gents on here can help with cycle if provided with stats, so I am 34/ 2-3 Deca only cycles behind me ( and yes, I know, I either got lucky or it wasn't Deca) I understand that/ BF steady at 14%, working a 3 day split of upper and lower with upper split into front and back. Current weight is 185, I would like to add a quality 10-15 lbs of muscle. Please advise.

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    Read old trends ! And don't be afraid to ask and always put ur stats bf% pounds how long your training simple stuff and read the stickys their up their for knowledge

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