Hey there, this forum has been a great source of helpful info for me, so I'll start by saying thanks for all the great contributions I've read.

I'm 35 and I've been lifting weights for about seven years now. I started off at about 160 (seriously skinny) and I'm currently about 193. I'm 6'6", and my body fat is incredibly low.

I suffer from Crohn's disease, so even just maintaining my current weight is a huge struggle. I regularly consume about 4,500 calories per day just to maintain my weight. I've done a lot of research over the years, mostly with regard to diet and training. I see a nutritionist regularly, which has been really helpful. Eating all the calories isn't that difficult, it's finding foods that won't aggravate my condition that's tough.

When my condition flares up, I drop 10-15 lbs in just a few days, and it's rough, as I feel awful, no strength, lethargic, etc. I want to get my weight up to about 220, as this will give me enough weight in reserves for when I get sick and it is probably about the weight I'll need to be to look normal. I'd love it if all the weight was muscle, but I don't care if I put on 15 lbs of fat and 20 lbs of muscle. I just want weight!

So after doing a lot of research and homework, I am considering doing a cycle of test and dbol. I know some of the side effects are unavoidable, but that doesn't matter too much to me. But I am looking into Novadex as well. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder or anything like that--I just want to bulk up enough so that I don't look like I'm dying.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.