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high fructose corn syrup

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    high fructose corn syrup

    Alright guys well I have been working my butt off in the gym and on my off days i play around 3 hours of competative basketball. I am looking to cut alot of body fat but today I ran into a surprise. I was eating some Special K crackers I bought yesterday because they were on sale and only 90 calories for 17 crackers with 12g carb, 2g sugar, and 1g fat. I was shopping quickly so I didnt get a chance to read the ingredients but today I did. I found out the crackers contain high fructose corn syrup. My question is will eating these crackers (1 serving = 17 crackers) once a day hurt my goals of losing fat?

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    HFCS is almost identical to table sugar. Table sugar is 50/50 fructoce/glucose, HFCS is 55/45%

    So... LOL, no. It's just carbs.

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    ^That. It's no worse than ordinary sucrose - HFCS is just as bad.

    In general, starches = good carbs and anything with fructose = bad carb, but most people can easily handle 20g of fructose daily. The problem comes when you eat a LOT of fructose - I seem to recall reading something recently that suggested the average intake went from 15g around the turn of the century, to over 70g of fructose daily today.
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    Yeah, that is pretty much just sugar, and if its in crackers, then its not enough to cause any weight gain. Although crackers and sugar are similar in terms of micromolecules, they're both eventually carbohydrates, which is energy unless you are sedentary, then its triglycerides. (fat)

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