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Eat more beans and live longer

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    Eat more beans and live longer

    Eat more beans and live longer

    Beans can help elderly people live longer. An international group of epidemiologists made this discovery after following 785 people aged over 70 for 7 years. The more beans the old people ate each day, the lower their chance of dying.

    The researchers were collecting data for the WHO Food Habits in Later Life study. The aim of this study was to confirm the findings of Ancel Keys, who in the sixties carried out the Seven Countries Study: that the healthiest diet is one containing large amounts of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, little red meat, a small amount of dairy produce, little saturated fat but moderate amounts of olive oil, and sufficient chicken, fish and eggs. We now call this diet the Mediterranean diet.

    The researchers studied 5 groups of over-seventies in Japan, Sweden, Australia and Greece. You can expect to live to a ripe age if you live in one of these 4 countries – if you eat healthily. [The researchers also studied a group of Australians originally from Greece.]
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    Thanks for the news, but what are the reasons behind this, does scientists know why this happens.

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    They are aware that the Dutch, French, and Swiss have low heart disease rates, yet bathe in saturated fat... Right?

    And the seven countries study was flawed from the outset, it was cherry picking 101.

    Arterial clogs are only 26% saturated... The majority of it is PUFA...

    And are they aware of the aflatoxins in beans, and phytates and whatnot in non-sprouted/fermented/bran reduced whole grains?

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