Anyone have any specific reasoning to believe this is or is not a good idea?

Obviously these calories are taken into account for my day's total calorie intake, I'm just wondering if it would be more beneficial to train without this drink or if I should just sip a whey and amino acid drink during my workout.

On my lifting days I'm currently doing...
~30 carbs at breakfast(oats)
~50 carbs 2 hours pre workout(sweet potatoes or rice and veggies)
~35 carbs from maltodextrin peri-workout(along with 24gr whey and 5 g bcaas)
~50 carbs when I get home from the gym (sweet potatoes or rice and veggies) This is typically about 30minutes after I finish my drink.

Protein is about 250g/day
Fats are "around" 70g

All meals following my postworkout meal are protein/fat based... all the meals listed above contain protein as well(obviously)

I'm trying to time my carb intake at times when insulin sensitivity will be at it's highest and when my cortisol levels may also be up. I'm started to wonder if I'd be better off taking advantage of some fat burning during my lifting sessions rather than providing a fast acting carbs for energy.