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    Travelling Tips

    [list=1][*]Plan! Think about how long you're going to be on the road and bring enough food. Think finger foods if you're driving....chicken breast & beef cut into bite size pieces, cut up veggies, even a hamburger patty can be eaten while driving. Worst case scenario...bring low sugar protein bars....they are better than being caught w/o food and eating some fast food crap[*]Water. Don't guzzle 2 litres of water right before you leave, lol. Bring your water, and time your drinking so that you down most of it 30-45 minutes before your scheduled stop...that way you can go pee when you need to [*]This one's from DP....Fill your shaker cup w/ as much protein as you'll need for the trip (2, 3, 5, 6 scoops, etc), add your cream and water and mix it w/ ice. It'll be good for hours [/list=1]

    Okay...anyone got anymore...I've been distracted by an online colouring book :o

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    Thanks w8


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    Those are helpful, thanks w8.

    Here's one for ya, over the next six months my part time Army job is gettin' a little more full time, and I'm gonna be away from home anywhere from 3 days to 2 1/2 weeks at a time in various training scenerios.

    Any thoughts on what to take, besides a monsterous cooler, that will provide large calorie meals with good macronutrient breakdowns? I know I'll be spending some of this time parking my ass in a classroom with a 10 minute break every hour or two, so I'm looking for something I can wolf down without breaking out the Hibachi and butcher knife.

    I may also ask for some training thoughts, as I doubt I'll always have access to weights and machines. Guess I could pack some lighter DBs and just do higher reps with 'em. Or I guess I could load up the machine gun and pound out some reps on that little bastard.

    All ideas are appreciated.
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