1) Age
I am 32 years old.

2) Weight and Percent BodyFat
I am 173 lbs - BF around 8%

3) Years of Consistant Training experience
I workout about 3 years or 4

4) Previous Cycle experience
No cycle exp.

5) Training routine and Diet
I train 5 or 6 days a week hardcore training. With some cardio.

6) Cycle Goals

Bulk and Body definiton

I have a question I am about to buy a oral D-anabol 25* and a winn-50*.

D-anabol 25 - with 25 mg per Cap
Winn-50* with 50 mg per cap.

I need you help in order to bulk and get definition is that a way to take does 2 ? I want to get some mass and at the same time I am to look cut..

I need your help here.