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FYI..lower Carb, lower Grains

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    FYI..lower Carb, lower Grains


    Additionally, most people don’t require the radical carbohydrate restriction that the Atkins program advocates. While restricting carbohydrates will help many people lose weight initially, many will also wind up reducing their weight because they are radically reducing their calorie intake.

    A low calorie diet may allow short-term weight loss, but it is rarely effective in the long-term because it plays havoc with your brain’s set point of weight control. This will cause your metabolic rate to slow down, and you will burn fewer calories.

    The scientific references below are linked to the National Library of Medicine and, when available, to the original journal article.

    You can view for yourself what some of the top scientists in the world are saying about the scientific support for the no-grain diet. This is not just one or two studies but a huge heap of recent evidence supporting this reality.

    This is a strong indication that the vast majority of the two-thirds of Americans who are currently obese or overweight would benefit from a radical reduction in their grain intake and replacing those grains with fresh vegetables.


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