Interesting news article I found!!

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    Interesting news article I found!!

    Thursday, December 05, 2002
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    Man Steals Odd Store Display
    Late friday night in a small pharmacy in Japan a man entered posing as a regular customer. He was dressed nicely and carried several red roses in his hand. He made his way to the back of the store where he then picked up a store display and ran out the door with it, leaving the roses scattered on the floor as he fled. 2 of the 3 other customers in the store at the time identified the man as Kuso , a resident of Japan.
    It turns out that the store display that Kuso ran off with contained 30 disposable enemas. Police are still uncertain why anyone would need that many enemas. And they are still looking for Kuso for further questioning. The store owner had only recently set up the display as part of a 3 week promotion. "Maybe he was severly constipated and didn't know what else to do" the store owner later stated.

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    Um......get rooted!
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    its even fucking funnier knowing what kuso means in Japanese

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    Doesn't it mean "fuqqed"?

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