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Gaining knowledge

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    Gaining knowledge

    Many of the members at this forum are highly experienced in nutrition and supplementation. You give great advice and always know what to do, no matter what the situation. However, instead of being told what, I would like to know why and how. Could you please explain how you become so knowledgable and provide me with any tips to gaining superior knowledge?


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    When a teacher teaches, his/her greatest wish is not only to teach the subject matter.....but "How to Learn"

    What you're asking is how do you "shorten" your "learning curve", while deciphering the truths from the half-truths and non-truths. This is most difficult because many concepts and much of the information are shrouded with both qualitative-subjective, as well as quantitative-objective themes. It get's even more complicated when "empirical' evidence outweighs the so-called scientific data.

    So what you are asking is a combination of:

    1) Finding what works best for you..your metabolism, genetics, goals, training, etc...After all, you are an experiment of one

    2) Gathering as much information as you can, and weeding out the useless from the usefull

    3) Knowing....intrinsicaly and intuitively the value, validity, and worth of both the information giver..and the knowledge given.

    Hope that helps

    I have taught thousands, in classrooms and out, learned from many as well, but have had only "One" truely great student, my teacher as well.


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    Welcome to IM Fluid

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    What DP said.

    I gather information from written material and observe if there is a trend from the different sources. As you've found, the internet is also a great source of numerous opinions from people all over the world in their experiences and information regarding weightlifting, nutrition..etc..
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    In life, Max Q demands the same commitment to success. It requires choosing greatness, personally as well as professionally. It depends on balance, passion and courage and the wisdom gained from adversity. It is an outcome as well as an attitude."

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    Also, talk to as many people as you can. Read as much as you can. Gather in all of the facts, info, opinions, etc. Then, sort it out, find stuff that seems to be consistent, and find what seems best for you. You'll find that in general people agree on most basic nutritional info. Just seek out and absorb as much as you can...you'll naturally filter out the BS.

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