Sen. Rand Paul introduces Libya resolution

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    Sen. Rand Paul introduces Libya resolution

    Posted by: CNN's Hunter Burgarella, June 21, 2011, 9:58 pm ET

    Sen. Rand Paul introduces Libya resolution

    Washington (CNN) - On the eve of President Barack Obama’s major speech Wednesday night where he will reveal the scope of the initial troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, freshman Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul criticized the president’s use of the War Powers Act.

    In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room,” the Kentucky senator said he plans to introduce a Libya resolution that says Obama is in violation of the War Powers Act.

    “I don’t think Libya is in our national security interests and I don’t think we can afford to be in a third war. I will have a resolution to replace it,” Paul said. “In my resolution I’ll the say the president is in violation of the War Powers Act and he should obey the War Powers Act and disengage.”

    The Obama administration has been criticized for failing to seek a vote of congressional approval before the start of the campaign as required by the 1973 War Powers Resolution. The law gives the president 60 days to get congressional approval for sending U.S. forces to war, followed by a 30-day extension to end combat. The combined 90-day period ended this past Sunday.

    A resolution already introduced by Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry and Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain authorizes limited use of U.S. forces for one year.

    “I believe the president did the right thing by intervening to stop a looming humanitarian disaster,” McCain said. “I believe we will find a strong, bipartisan majority that is in favor of authorizing our current military operations in Libya and seeing this mission through to success.”

    Paul disagrees with the senators, however, and says, “It’s sort of a proposition that’s a day late and a dollar short. The Constitution implied and said basically that foreign policy would be a shared responsibility between the Congress and the president.”


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    Rand Paul is a clown, he offers no answers. he's like a broken record with "balancing the budget", it only needs to be reduced and controlled to a level equal to that of real GDP growth. balancing the budget really solves nothing and addresses none of the problems of why tax receipts to the IRS are at it's lowest levels in 65 years.
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    Frankly I like what he is doing. O'Bama is abusing his power all the time, its about time he be forced to play by the rules. Shit, our useless Sec. of the Interior is being held in contempt of court by a damn federal court, do you see that being dealt with or any media coverage, no. This shit has got to stop and the line needs to be drawn here and now. LAM you make a lot of very astute points but regardless of if Rand Paul is a talker and not a doer, this is a perfect example of DOING.
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