WP comes through with top quality gear again!!

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    Smile WP comes through with top quality gear again!!

    I am 3 weeks into my all WP cycle and the gains are coming on fast now. I am up 9 lbs so far and that is all from the NPP and Dianabol. I am running AP Test Cyp, AP dianabol, AP durabolin, BD Deca like this

    AP Test Cyp 600mg/wk wks 1-16
    AP Durabolin 250mgs/wk wks 1-5
    BD Deca 300mgs/wk wks 1-14
    AP Dianabol 30mgs/ day wks 1-5

    The AP Dianabol I had orginally planned to run it at 50mgs/day but I started at 30mgs and have yet to up it because it is hitting me hard and I don't think I really need to run more. By the end of wk 1 I was having full blown pumps that were skin stretching lol. I had to up my water intake to a gallon and a half and add some extra taurine to my daily intake because the back pumps were too much. I would walk my dog and nearly couldn't go on because my calves and back became so pumped. My joints feel lubricated from the NPP and Deca too. I have already started going up on my lifts. I did close grip bench last thursday with 315lbs for 15 reps with a regular olympic bar. I have never been able to go over 14 reps on a normal bench press with 315 lbs. I can't wait to see what this cycle is going to bring. My starting weight was 209 ( I had just come off a light cut with to make weight for a jui-jitsu comp). I am already up to 218 and starting my fourth week. I am shooting for 235 lbs with abs that are thick and visible. I will post pics at the end of my cycle as well as update pics of the AP Gear being put to use. I will be tossing in some AP aquabolic amps as well once my Dianabol is done. So stay tuned to see what is possible with top quality gear, diet in check, training off the charts, and motivation like I have never felt before.
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    Please tell

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