Lorraine Reich, Principal at Warren T. Jackson Elementary School: Hero or Villain?

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    Lorraine Reich, Principal at Warren T. Jackson Elementary School: Hero or Villain?

    Wtf is going on here?

    Found these videos while searching YouTube for info on another public school issue. I don't know who the interviewer is, but he's hammering away at Lorraine Reich.

    Dr. Lorraine Reich, Principal at Warren T. Jackson Elementary School, Altanta, Georgia, questioned re Pay for Performance in Atlanta Public Schools.

    Strict Georgia State guidelines are established for the pay-out of Georgia Pay for Performance for this very reason. Reich disgracefully rationalizes a consensus asking the "Jackson School Council" to vote on the issue of Pay for Performance. Business partners and parents volunteering on the committee depended on her expertise and ethical leadership to vote. Needless to say, the "VOTE" was not valid.
    In a DESPERATE attempt to COVER UP... Reich fabricated "problems" with the two teachers who filed grievances. . She made false statements through written communications and evaluations to her superiors during the entire grievance process.

    When the teachers' grievances were appealed to higher levels in the chain of command, " Professional Development Plans" were issued in retaliation.

    Professional Development Plans are designed to "help" correct a valid problem. In this case they were unwarranted and as such used as punishment. Under Reich's watchful eye she manipulated issues with attendance and lesson plans. The teachers' evaluations under Reich's leadership, until this time, had been stellar.
    Mr. Sam took 2 days absence when his mother was hospitalized during the 9/11 anthrax scare. Reich considered Sam's absence unacceptable, and started a barrage of Professional Development Plans.

    Reich's actions became blatant.
    She knew the documents and accounts questioned in the grievances were tainted with fraud on her side, and went as far as to attempt to evoke fear among other staff, suggesting Mr. Sam's behavior was terrorist- like.

    October- December-2001. Reich successfully created a damning "fake" paper trail for the two teachers.
    She did not believe anyone should question how she spent money in her "Reorganization Account". She convinced her superiors to hide the falsification of attendance records for those staff members that helped to keep her secrets. Favors were given to the Jackson staff ... "Compensation Time" and ongoing "Bonus Pay" were exchanged for Reich Loyalty. Fearful for their jobs, many staff were coerced in to helping her hide the lies.

    Since, Ms.Woodrum was given COMP TIME for her absences during a pregnancy--It did not make sense why Reich would not afford Mr. Sam the same opportunity. It is evident Reich's motives or reasons that caused her sudden anger. Surely, any professional investigator could have figured her motives as well...she was retaliating against these teachers for following the grievance procedure.

    Reich's superiors supported her actions. The situation made most believe there was something VERY SERIOUS she needed to hide. Moreover, under careful evaluation, most reasonable people thought there was more happening within the Atlanta Public Schools' comptroller's office that might possibly expose Reich. Nothing explained her vile reaction.

    Mr. Sam believed the grievance process would expose the truth. He was not honored with proper procedure for his questions. Both teachers motions were SQUELCHED by Reich and APS administrators.

    Atlanta Public School leaders succeeded in covering-up the mystery behind the Jackson Elementary School's Reorganization Accounts.

    From YouTube (Uploaded by TopSchoolAtlanta on Nov 23, 2010)

    Bullying & Intimidation /AKA- Professional Development Plans for TEACHERS

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    I think she's just pissed because she's a fat ass jumbo.

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    she is out of control and it's really unfortunate she has helpers. what a mess.

    you don't get what you wish for ~ you get what you work for


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    she seems like the type that would do that to people.

    seeing as standardized testing is BS I don't even know how pay for performance could be applied realistically. I wish people would stop fucking around with teachers as they are not the problem. they need to put more pressure on changing school curriculum to suite the working world of today.
    William F. Buckley describes a conservative as, "someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop." - and then proceeds to drag civilization back to times best left in history's dungheap.

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