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about get to recover thyroid function after synthetics

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    about get to recover thyroid function after synthetics

    about to get recovering thyroid function after massive cycles of synthetic thyroid hormones used by long run/term.
    i used such a many cycles of thyroid hormones that my thyroid doesn't work correctly. mt tsh is too high and my own ft4 is too low. i've tried synthetic trh (as thyrel) yet. but it didn't solve the problem (maybe should use more shots,i don't know).

    so, i want try a synthetic tsh too as thyrogen.
    what do you think about?

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    1) For how long did you've taken these cycles?

    2) How much time has passed since your last thyroid cycle?

    3) Synthetic TSH won't do nothing... All you have to do is wait because your body is already producing too much TSH to stimulate your thyroid, if you add some synthetic or not, won't do any difference.

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