looking for a diet plan

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    looking for a diet plan

    hi im looking for a good diet for my cutting cycle. i have roughly 3 months efor i go home on r&r from here in afghanistan and i wana make my wife impressed with a complete transformation. my gole is to cut to 180 and right now im at 193 im using a fat loss stack from primordial performance and i have already cut from 203 to 193. i thank im doing good but im not seeing the results myself. my diet isnt the best it could be and i realy need more input on how to correct my intake. thanks to everyone in advance.

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    Congrats on your progress and getting ready for such a great welcome home, and of course, thank you for your service going there in the first place. I wish you a wonderful R&R w/ your wife.

    The best place to get you started is right here: http://www.ironmagazineforums.com/ne...ere-start.html

    Welcome to IMF!

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