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Getting back after long layoff

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    Getting back after long layoff

    Its been awhile since I hit the gym and last posted(over a year) and it shows. I need to get back cuz, the Mrs commented I'm getting soft, and my pants dont fit.

    I'd like to get some opinions on a routine. I'm not looking to concentrate on weight loss during the first split, so cardio will be kept to minimun. Some interval training once a week.

    I'm going to stick with basic movements to start out, employing 3 sets of 5 reps, choosing a weight that causes me to work to near failure in the last set, unless otherwise noted.


    Bench- 3 sets 5 reps
    Chins- 3 sets, I'll adjust the reps and work to failure on each set.
    Dumbell rows- 3 sets 5 reps


    Military Press/Behind neck- 3 sets 5 reps
    Barbell Curls- 3 sets 5 reps
    Dips- 3 sets work to failure on each set
    Wrist curls- 3 sets 5 reps.


    Squats- 3 sets 5 reps
    Incline sit ups- 3 sets each to failure
    Crunches- 1 set to failure

    Sunday: Cardio involves a brisk walk in the woods, and running up hills on trails.

    My Diet will be nothing fancy, just trying to keep quality proteins to a max. I'll be using an MRP to make that an easier task. I'll try to eat smaller meals on a 4-6 times a day basis. I should lose enough weight just by eating better and uping the activity level. Hopefully, I wont bust any more buttons on the pants.

    Any ideas on how I can improve the program would be appreciated.


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    well, from what i see, but i am no pro - it looks to be a good start - nothing too over welhming that may shock your system.
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    Is not hard to get back where you left off. Muscle have some kind of memory or that’s what I have always heard.
    You using a 3 day split, why not get your rep range between 6-8-10, you have a lot of time to recover so it wont hurt you.

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    Onec you do this workout for a little bit, you should check out GP workouts, they have reallly helped me, and others, out.

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