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Stomach Fat Problems

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    Stomach Fat Problems


    Well, Ive been training for several months and I am skinny or have good muscle tone everywhere on me except my stomach and sides. I still have a tire around me. Its so wierd. I lift weights, cardio, and crunches, plus I eat right yet the fat doesnt seem to want to burn off in the middle area. granted, it has gone down a couple inches since I began but now it seems to have stopped.
    Its wierd because I kind of look like one of those skinny pregnant

    So any recommendations on exercises and diet in order to start burning the stomach fat? If I lose weight anywhere else I will start seeing my bones ahah! So something must be keeping the fat around my stomach from melting away.

    Any recommendations will be much appreciated. Thank you

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    I would guess its probably a sodium or carb problem. I have this problem throughout the day too. I didn't know what it was at first but after I started taking in more water, not using ANY addition of salt to my meals, and not taking in large amounts of carbs past 6PM it reduces significantly. Im guessing you dont wake up looking like that correct? but happens throughout the day?

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    1. post a pic. You could be over reacting.
    2. What are you eating? how many calories. What's a typical day look like. Track your intake at FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal for a few days of your typical eating, because:
    3. Everyone says they eat right. Right and Clean are relative terms and very objective.
    4. You're female?
    5. Remember the human body doesn't care about what you or others find aesthetically pleasing. A few years ago your body type might have been more "attractive"
    You've either shut your metabolism damn near down, you're eating more than you think, or you have a hormonal issue.
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    Are you consistent with your diet? Maybe too many cheat meals.

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    Abs are made in the kitchen - your DIET first will be what drives fat depositing or not. You can't pick & choose where you want to lose fat - it is dictated by your body's natural fat cell distribution / where you tend to hold your fat. And equivalently you can't "spot reduce".

    Everyone says they "Eat clean" - but consider this - your body can only reflect your lifestyle (i.e. your current diet, training/cardio, recovery & stress). So how you eat now is what produced this particular body fat 'look'. Thus - since its not what you want, you need to modify what you are doing.

    As mentioned above- post your current diet & training in detail. Usually it is easy to tweak a diet to make some positive changes.

    There are some other things it might be - e.g. water retention or bloating (e.g. driven by a food allergy like gluten or something). These you can easily explore / prove by cutting out salt or adding in an OTC diuretic for a few days, or cut out all the wheat-based or dairy-based food in your diet. Possibly it is your body's interpretation of estrogen-pattern body fat depositing - but usually its your diet. Start there.

    All posts are for entertainment. Consult a doctor before using any medication.

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    If I remember correctly a man needs to be 10% body fat or less and a woman 20% body fat or less to be able to see the six pack on the stomach. So you simply have to cut until then to get that gut gone. I'm in a similar position actually. I'm slim, late 30s and have had a small pouch of fat on teh stomach for about 10 years, hardly noticable but I know it's there. I've decided that even though I'm slim I'm just going to cut until it's gone and then I'll start bulking again. Hopefully this will kind reform the body as the gut fat is the last fat to disappear (on a male body anyhow). I'll bulk carefully and make sure it doesn't reappear. But I really believe that you have to strip the body down and start with a fresh canvas.

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