meant to be picking up my sus tomorrow , was told its "Malaysian " somthing but cannot remember the name, ive searched all over the stickys about fake gear but wondered if anybody had had anything with Malaysian in the name? the lad im getting it off is reliable as i had some previous growth of him a while back and i know a few lads who regularly get stuff off him.

im 25 , 5ft 11, 14 stone , b/f is around % 16 and dropping every week with my cleaner diet.

plan on running just sus 250 for 10 weeks with my pct ill run nolva starting just 4 weeks after last injection at 40-60 a day but unsure of length of time to run it for

clean diet had body stats done and will be increasing my protien/ carbs and calories even more whilst im on the gear to help maximise the results .

sounding ok so far? not my first taste of jas as i ran a small course of growth to help repair my shoulder but its my first actual cycle on gear

cheers jake