Ran a few cycles of PH's in the past and right now I'm 5 weeks into this cycle

1-10 test e at 500mg
1-5 dbol 20mg
I gained some nice size and strength so far but next cycle I'm gonna wanna lean out. I know it won't be for a few months but I'm just being curious. I have some dbol and winny on hand already and if I cant get test for my next cycle I'm gonna stick to orals I guess.

1-6 dbol 20mg
Clen 2 wks on, 2 wks off, 2 wks on (ramping up to 100mcg)
1-6 winny 37.5mg
Clen(same as other cycle)
Which would be most effective for fat loss and maybe even adding a little size. Please share your experiences. Thanks in advance