Freshmen 15 turned into 40.. Let's fix this

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    Freshmen 15 turned into 40.. Let's fix this

    Where to start? I've made a few of these journals an never kept them up date to date. You could say this mirrors my training over the past 3 years in college. Highly motivated and read for a new beginning, a week or so of strict diets and great lifting. Then homecoming hits and a week long hangover ensues with cigarettes and the college pizza and beer diet for the next month.

    Going into school I was hardened from wrestling and powerlifting. Over the last few years, my strength and endurance has plummeted (running up and down the dorm halls winded me - it was bad).
    I need to fix this.
    Running up and down flights of stairs with weights strapped to my chest used to be a common occurrence. The sheer thought of it now is terrifying.
    So let's get started.

    Stats & Goals pics soon
    5'9" 215lbs 25yo male
    Lose the keg around my stomach - 25lbs fat loss

    Schedule is hellish. I work as a caretaker from 6pm-8am almost 7 days a week, but I'm allowed to sleep
    Besides that, I'm in class another 15hrs every week with an hour commute one way. I may not always make it to the gym, but I'll be doing sprints up and down my block.

    Next post should be interesting. First real workout, in years.

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    Good to see another guy from MI in here.

    Read as much you can - hopefully you'll learn a lot and stay motivated.

    Good luck!!
    Do it!

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