All the 911 info out there on tv

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    All the 911 info out there on tv

    Does anyone find it difficult to watch all the 911 info they keep playing over and over. I for one cant watch it. Ive seen it enough and its deep in me. I work for United Airlines and 911 shut us down bad and alot of workers got laid off. But I just cant watch it anymore it was a ver sad day and I was on the phone taling to a co worker because he called me to tell me not to come into work and while I was watching it I witnissed the other plane hit the building I was in just total shock.

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    the tv was on all day with it playing, the gf was in and out all day helping out metro with all their 9-11 stuff but I never changed the channel not even sure which one was on.

    one thing I did notice is that they didn't show anything about the jumpers and barely talked about it. considering that us tv is controlled by the MIC it was no surprise as they need to keep the hate alive as much as possible.
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