tbol/dbol experience, input please

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    tbol/dbol experience, input please

    so i was tryin to run a 5week mini bulk (maybe 6 weeks depending on how long i would have to run pct) and i was thinkin of using tbol or dbol. i hear dbol you hold a decent amount of water so you will lose those gains but would i gain that much water if i was running creatine pre cycle?
    i would love to add a test base but i just wont have the time to run a full cycle as i leave in january for basic and i wont get to start this til end of oct/beginning of november. if i were to run a 5-6 week tbol/dbol, would 1 week of nolva be a sufficient pct?
    definitely looking for some input on this as im not sure if its worth running jus tbol/dbol solo.
    ive ran a PH before(hdrol) which i guess is considered close to tbol but i didnt run high doses of hdrol as i used it as a recomp with t3/clen.
    stats are: 23yrs old, 5'9, currently 190lbs (3weeks of cuttin left and plan on gettin to ~180lbs)

    or what about anadrol?
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    Forget it. Go balls to the wall natural and head off to basic training feeling top of the world with your test levels uncompromised. If you don't have the means/time to run a test cylce, then don't bother with orals only.

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