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elbow strain?

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Thread: elbow strain?

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    elbow strain?

    Hello, this is my first post to this list.. please put the flame
    throwers away. ;-)

    I started working out about 7 months ago, and it's great! I
    feel like I have more energy and I feel like I'm in better health.
    But recently (for 3 months now) my left elbow has been hurting
    me really bad. When I do bench presses (dumb bells), dips, or
    curls it feels like my elbow is gonna fall off. And just today I
    noticed that my elbows were hot to the touch after my workout.

    I guess my questions are; is the warmth normal? And what is
    the most common mistakes that newbies make while working out
    that would cause elbow injuries? Or would it be best to hire
    a trainer for a few days to watch me?


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    My first thought would be.....

    How often are you working out?

    My next thought would be....

    Go see a doctor - NOW. Pain is your bodies way of telling you something. If the pain is that bad, you need to have it looked at asap. Could be something minor, could be something that isn't.
    Either way, it wouldn't hurt to have it looked at.

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    it sounds like tendinitis.

    rest and ibuprofen will help.
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    > How often do i workout?

    I workout everyday after work:

    Mon: Chest and Tri
    Tue: Back and Bi
    Wed: Legs and abs (and sholders if i'm up to it)
    Thur: Chest and Tri
    Fri: Back and Bi and mainly sholders (If I'm not at the bar)

    And I'm going to start to run every morning before work.
    (I started the running just a couple of days ago..)

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    Those pains in the elbows and sometimes forearms are quite common for people new to resistence training. What is happening is that muslces are stronger and more resiliant to resistance then tendons and ligaments. What is happening is that your muscles are strenghtening quicker then the tendons and ligaments. In short your probably suffering from Tendon and or ligament strain. My suggestion to try and pin point the problem is to lighten up on training for a few weeks, ice those painful areas and take some Ibuprofen, Alieve or something similar to those products. If the pains are still present in 3 weeks see a doctor.

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