Stiff Nights
By Johnny Justice ~ source

A federal grand jury has indicted a Salt Lake County man for simply wanting to help America get erect! The man was charged for his part in manufacturing and selling erectile dysfunction “supplements” that were marketed as “100 percent natural” but which allegedly contained Viagra-related drugs. Kelly “Stiff Dick” Dean Harvey and a Murray-based company initially called TSN Labs Inc. and later renamed Novacare LLC, imported a product containing sulfoaildenafil from China for use in “dietary supplements” marketed under various names, including “Stiff Nights,” “Size Matters,” “Natural Wow” and “OMG.”

The Rap Sheet

Charges against Harvey include one count of conspiracy
  • 12 counts of wire fraud
  • 9 counts of mail fraud
  • 5 counts of concealment of money laundering
  • 4 counts of money laundering

Court documents allege that between November 2006 and May 2010, Harvey and anunnamed co-conspirator imported 39 orders of Ophioglossum Thermale (OT) from Shandong, China-based Rizhao Sunan Trading Co. Ltd., with each order ranging in size from 1 to 75 kilograms. TSN and Novacare accounts paid out about $931,000 for the OT transactions, court documents revealed.Harvey had two U.S. labs test OT, and while the product contained no sildenfal citrate (Viagra), varedenafil (Levitra) or tadalafil (Cialis), a sildenafil drug analogue called sulfoaildenafil did show up. The use of sulfoaildenafil would have subjected TSN and Novacare’s supplements to regulation by the FDA. But Harvey did not share those test results with the federal agency, the indictment says. In February 2009, the FDA warned that these erectile dysfunction supplements that were being sold online could contain prescription drugs that carry harmful side effects. However, “Stiff Nights” was billed online as a dietary supplement that was 100 percent natural and safe. And labeling of the product failed to list OT as an ingredient, the indictment says.The website,, said the product differed from Viagra because it was a nutritional supplement that “uses only all natural ingredients.”"Stiff Nights is not a drug,” the website claimed, touting that “many users report a better experience than Viagra because Stiff Nights also increases the male sex drive and somehow increases a male’s endurance,” court document say.