Old fatass looking for T3 & general cycle advice

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    Old fatass looking for T3 & general cycle advice

    Hi All,

    Long post coming folks. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

    Ok, I'm about 5'6" and weigh about 250 right now and could use some reasoned advice about how I can get into decent bodybuilding shape by April 1st (about 5 months from now).

    More about me. I'm 47 years old but haven't trained for longer than 6 months since I was in my mid-30's and competed in my only BB show (NPC Contra Costa Classic -- I got 2nd in novice middles). I blame my ex and a new career for this, but the ex has finally been replaced and my new wife is all for me getting my fatass back in shape.

    I have about 8 cycles or so under my belt. A couple were extremely long cycles (I'm an idiot).

    My 2nd to last cycle began back in Feb 2009 (when I began training after about a 5 year break) and lasted for about 5 months. It was primarily Test-E & Deca at about 800mg/week. I slowly got into decent shape but feel that I wasted money by not paying enough attention to my diet. At the end, I was about 220lbs and felt pretty good. Unfortunately, I had a motorcycle accident that fucked up my knee and gave me a good excuse to stop training. I just used clomid for PCT and it worked fine except I wasn't training.

    My last cycle (and first time I began training since my motorcycle accident) was a 5 week cycle (cut short because of source issues) began in July 2011 and consisted of gram/week of Sust + 300mg/week of deca + 30mg/anadrol ED. I took no AI's whatsoever. (I did have nolvadex , HCG, & clomid on hand, though.) (Like when I was younger, I got bloated and some acne but absolutely no gyno.) I also made sure I got protein very regularly and, no surprise, I grew like a motherfucker. I put on about 30 pounds and was lifting very big weights in the gym. Unfortunately, source problems and a one-off personal issue cut my training and cycle short. I did not use any of my PCT gear because I wanted to save it. So....

    Now I've been reading this board like a fiend, have a couple of sources, and am (hopefully only) days away from getting my gear. Trouble is, because I'm so fucking fat, I'm wondering if I should add T3 to my usual cycle: For the 1st month, I'm going to do a gram of Test/week + EQ 300mg/week + 25 - 50mg Anadrol. For 2nd month, I'm going to replace anadrol with winny and for 3rd month, I'm going to let my condition dictate my cycle. BTW, I'll be taking aromasin for the first time.

    If anyone has comments, I'm all ears. Thanks!!!

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    Welcome to forum,post some pics and guys will help you for sure.

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    I'm glad you're running an AI. With high bodyfat - you'll need it.

    T3 will certainly help, although at this point in the game it may not be needed. What is your approximate bodyfat right now, and describe - in detail - your planned diet and training. What calories will you run, and how many grams of protein, carb and fat will you be consuming? How much is the deficit you will run? What is your timeline and goal? How many calories are you currently consuming (estimate is fine)?
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