Superdrol-DMZ rx stack w/ Halo Extreme

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    Superdrol-DMZ rx stack w/ Halo Extreme

    I have both Superdrol-DMZ rx(x1) and Halo Extreme (x1) bottles.
    I have enough clomid and Nolvadex for PCT along with other PCT supps' such as Redefine PCT and Anabolic matrix and advanced cycle assist(I'm not too sure when to use this;during or after).
    For during cycle I have milk thistle and anabolic extreme liver protection.
    Okay, as far as i've found out, I'm supposed to pre-load with PCT or cycle assist then start the AAS(s).
    My two questions come down to this, 1.)can i stack Superdrol-DMZ rx with Halo extreme? 2.)I know the cycles come as close to 'week' doses as possible, but is my general cycle set up correct/can i have someone set a cycle up for me according to the supps i have, i can also obtain other supps if needed.

    Im 6'3" at 252lb's with 9.2% body fat. My goal is to cut 1-2+% body fat and tone and harden my abs as I have a pinch gut at the bottom of my abdominals from taking a lot of carb-like mass gainers. i've gained 62 lbs of weight in 3 months from constant strict workout and high end pre-workouts along with good aminos. On my own with out any AAS from when i started a full blown workout i've gone up from 235 in bench to 310 so far in 3 and 1/2 month. I took P6 for a while and it helped some what but as im young it had little affect on me.
    --My goal boils down to hardening, strengthening, toning and mass gaining.

    I'd apprectiate a bit more micro mananging/guidance as this is my first AAS cycle.

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    Yes you can stack them, you don't' need both clomid and nolva for PCT, I recommend using our Advanced Cycle Support and Anabolic-Matrix Rx on cycle and for PCT. Taking these two orals together is not a weak cycle, I think you will be satisfied with the results.
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