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The 3rd generation of AndroMass is here -- AndroMass v3

Increasing muscle mass is nearly impossible without sufficient androgen levels. (1-8) AndroMass v3 delivers the strongest legal androgens found in the human body -- which pushes blood levels past the “androgen threshold” for new muscle growth and strength. (8-20)

Our first AndroMass v3 tester, Kalen D, gained 23lbs of lean mass in only 8 weeks -- with nearly zero side-effects. See the interview here -

Download the full case report here.

How is AndroMass so effective?

  • Highly Dosed - Contains the highest dose of androgens found in any natural androgen product
  • Highly Anabolic - Super DHEA is 15x more effective than regular DHEA for building muscle (12-21)
  • Highly Absorbable - Bypasses the liver and increases blood androgen levels for nearly 24hrs

What are the active ingredients?

The androgens in AndroMass include -

Super-4-DHEA - Easily converts to 4-androstenediol and androstenedione at high levels. (11-14) These anabolic hormones have moderate estrogenic activity, supporting dramatic size gains in dense lean muscle. (21,22)

Super-Ra-DHEA & Super-Rb-DHEA - These natural saturated androgens easily convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which enhances strength and aggression while blocking the development of estrogenic side-effects, such as gynecomastia (gyno). (11,24,25)
Together, these androgens mimic the power of true injectable testosterone -- with a bioequivalence of 400mg/week injectable testosterone enanthate (2700ng/dL*) -- so you can make serious gains without breaking the law. (11-23)

*From a baseline of 500ng/dl total androgen activity level.

AndroMass = More Permanent Gains

Results from AndroMass are generally slower and higher quality compared to methylated oral steroids -- making the gains easier to maintain, and longer lasting.

Methylated compounds such as superdrol, epistane, halodrol, dimethazine, etc., cause a rapid uptake of ionic fluid in the first 3-5 days leading to the rapid onset of muscular pumps, strength and weight gain. However, this fluid retention is rapidly lost after the cycle and gains are difficult to keep. (21)

The best results from AndroMass are often seen after 3-4 weeks when the development of new myoblasts (muscle fibers) begin to take shape. (26-31) The development of muscle fibers and increased number of nuclei is a long-term benefit that is more easily maintained for many months or years. (26,27) Users of AndroMass report nearly 75% retention of gains, even 8 weeks after discontinuing their cycle. (43)

The results from AndroMass are dramatic and noticeable when complemented with heavy lifting and a high protein diet.

AndroMass will produce noticeable effects quickly.

Effects after 1-2 weeks –

  • More physical power
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhanced muscle fullness & tightness

... And then after 3-4 weeks –

  • 8-12lb body weight increase
  • Increased muscle girth & size
  • 20-30% increase in strength

AndroMass = Less Side-Effects

AndroMass was painstakingly optimized to bring maximum results with minimal side-effects -- it’s unlike anything on the market.

Side-effects from AndroMass are mild, temporary, and usually completely unnoticed by users. Some men may even notice improved general health while supplementing with AndroMass, since low androgen (testosterone) levels can lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. (32-34)

AndroMass = Easy Recovery

A rapid and complete recovery of natural testosterone production, ensures the maximum gain retention.

Users of methylated orals and injectable steroids often struggle from a prolonged recovery, due to the highly suppressive nature of these types of steroids. (35-36) Recovery from these compounds can take months, or even years. (35-38) This makes it extremely difficult to maintain gains, sex-life, and mental health.

AndroMass has one MAJOR advantage over the alternative -

24hr Release - Mimics the body’s natural rhythm (LH & FSH secretion)
The single daily dose of AndroMass rises and falls within a 24 hour period. This ensures levels fall back to “pre-dose” levels every 24 hours, allowing natural testosterone production to be stimulated. This prevents testicular shrinkage, shutdown and prolonged recovery. (39,40)

Since AndroMass contains only androgens naturally produced by the body, they are easily metabolized and cleared from the body -- This allows users of AndroMass to fully recover in 30 days or less.

AndroMass = Superior Delivery

AndroMass utilizes the new Liqua-Vade 24HR Delivery technology -

  • Highly Bioavailable- Fat soluble androgens absorb up to 98% and bypass the liver
  • Highly Reliable - Maximum absorption is not dependant on food intake
  • Highly Convenient - Only ONE daily dose required for 24hr timed release of androgens

We accomplished ultra-high bioavailability by utilizing fat soluble “fatty ester” hormones which are absorbed by the “fat uptake” (lymphatic) system, seen here -

AndroMass = Cost Effective

When priced against the nearest competition, AndroMass is at least 200-1000% more cost effective. (41)

In fact, we encourage you to compare for yourself. Plus, consider the things you DON’T need with AndroMass -

  • Liver, kidney, or blood pressure support
  • Little blue pills to keep "things working"
  • Harsh "research grade" PCT drugs
  • Needles & sterilization

Primordial Performance = The #1 Source for Androgens

Primordial Performance is the industry leader in natural androgen supplements for men. Since 2006 our mission has been clear -- maximize the male hormone environment without comprimising health. Our products are backed by thousands of positive reviews, success stories, and detailed case reports.

We take responsibility for our customers and take pride in the following -

  • Most Trusted - Established industry leader since 2006 with an “A” reliability rating by the BBB
  • Exceptional Quality - 100% purity & identity testing
  • Knowledgeable Staff - Hormone specialists available from 9-5pm PST (Phone/Email/Chat)
  • Industry Innovator - Nearly 100% of profits are reinvested into future R&D

Order Now = Get Started Tomorrow

It can be difficult or nearly impossible to make progress to your physique with low androgen levels. If you are tired of being stuck in a plateau, take action now -- and give your body what it needs to take your progress to the next level.

Remember, AndroMass gives you -

  • Proven Safety - Extensive in-house blood data confirms exceptional safety profile (42)
  • Proven Effectiveness - Average 13lb lean mass, and 25% strength increase in only 8 weeks (43)
  • Proven Natural & Legal - Non-toxic naturally occurring androgens are found in the food supply (44,45)

If quality, safety, and effectiveness are important to you -- AndroMass is your #1 choice.

Head over to and order AndroMass now.

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Thank you for your support.

Eric Potratz
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