I'm 28 years old 6'2 210 pounds 8-10% body fat..

planning on starting a new cycle in a months time, first cycle was 6 months ago 6 weeks test prop 100mg eod anavar 40mg ed hgh 3i'us eod..

was thinking of doing the following cycle

1-8 weeks test prop 100mg eod
1-8 hgh 2iu's eod (thinking of 12 weeks through pct)
1-8 arimidex .5mg eod
3-8 HCG 250iu's 3/week, last shot would be 1,000iu's 4-5 days before pct start
1-8 weeks anavar 40mg ed
4-8 winstrol 100mg eod
9-12 aromasin 12.5mg ed
9-12 toremifene 120/90/60/30

Training would be 4 days of (W)eights and 3 days of (C)ardio per week
In the process of tailoring a clean 50 protien/ 30 carb/ 20 fat diet..

Would also appreciate any comments or suggestions on my proposed cycle and pct..