I live in Australia and we're really cut off from the rest of the world by our customs so our access to AAS and peptides is very restricted and it's almost a take what you can get situation at times. I've noticed some of the peptides I get from local distributors are visibly murky whilst others are crystal clear. I've found the one's with visible impurities have left my research subject with lumps under the skin which seem to cause a bit of discomfort. I've started running everything I buy through .80mm whatman's now and I'm getting crystal clear recon peptide but still the lumps are forming though much smaller. Would running the peptides through .22 whatmans in any way "rob" me of peptide or would it just be a cleaner filter in the end? I'm not sure if there are any other aussies here who have noticed the same thing but if there are I'd love to hear from you. To everyone else what do you think? Would my peptides still be fine after a .22 filtering or would they suffer degradation? ordering from overseas isn't really an option right now so I have to stick with these suppliers. I ran blue tops from china for months but consider myself very lucky to have got them in and a friend recently received an unwanted visit due to his overseas order being intercepted so absolutely have to stick local for now. Would like to hear from experienced people.