I have cycled Alpha One last summer, and a few others in my time, but I have had best results with Alpha One. I took it last time with milk thistle, liver care pills during the cycle with Alpha One, for the PCT (took all info and advice from a friend, stupid, completely. No posts needed about that.) For PCT I took Revolution Black. I've gotten great gains off that, and kept a great deal of it. Thing is, It didn't feel right last time. I want to do it right this time, this is what I've gotten from all my research. Any help would help.

Here's what I have concluded.

Cycle with Alpha one with the liver care pills and milk thistle, and also heard about Hawthorne Berry? then PCT/SERM with Nolva, along with the milk thistle, Hawthorne Berry and liver care pills.

I looked into it a little more because it didn't seem quite right that it was so simple, then I read about Anastrozole (Amrimidex) and Letrozole (Ferama)?
I also heard about HCG, but only using that is the cycle and pct lasts 12 weeks or more?

Any help with what to use properly with Alpha One, and what to use Properly with Nolva, I don't want issues with excess estrogen, or even twin shrinkage after the serm, thanks in advance guys.

Also.. while on Alpha, I heard to go higher Rep with Loser weight, then while on SERM do low rep high weight.
Also, any dosage info would also help me. Thanks a bunch!

Another thought, I read about Nolva decreasing insulin levels, during my SERM, (since I was going to jump on creatine anyway) I thought why not Creatine RT? The Russion Teragon(RT) is lowwww in carbs, around 7, and spikes insulin levels naturally. Anybody supporting this?

Again, anything can help, thanks again!