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sore/strained neck?

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    Red face sore/strained neck?

    On Saturday I was doing some incline, and I was on the last rep, and I guess I was concentrating on just pushing too hard, and I lifted my lower back off the incline bench a bit and my neck just hurt like a bastard. After I put down the bar I couldn't move it for a min. It still hurt after that and I had a headache. I finished my last 2 incline sets (very carefully!) and then moved on to the bicep workout.
    yesterday was legs and at the end of the workout I went to the hack squat machine, but had to stop after about 6-7 reps because my neck was hurting again. Same thing today, was seeing how many times I could bench the 45's, but at 4 reps my neck kind of seized up a bit and I quit. The neck pain went away after about 30 mins, but the headache stayed until 3 hrs later.
    I decided to see a doctor, but I can't get in until 11am thursday, and I would GREATLY appreciate any help I can get in the meantime.
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    Check your Pm's


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