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Positive selftalk brings you thru your plateaus

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    Positive selftalk brings you thru your plateaus

    What irritates me is that they have a supplement for everything under the sun now its like all we depend on is the newest and latest product that sounds fancy and cost a large penny.Just one more scoop and ill make it thru this workout, just one more pill and my pump will be like never before.Give my kidneys a break bodybuilding, when what we need is positive selftalk.Yeah that fucking weak ass voice in your head that always tells you that you cant do it without that product flowing thru your bloodstream.Whenever you realize that power comes from instinct, drive, it comes from that voice in the back of your head that says one more rep motherfucker.Its that voice that says get out bed and go to war in the gym,its the voice that says throw that fucking doubt out the window before you get to the gym.It makes your heart beat harder,it heats up your body to sweat like a soldier in iraq.I know it sounds like im rambling on but my point is we focus so much on the external we need to exercise whats on the internal, our minds.tell me what supp they sell for that.Everyday you wake up its just another chance to kill the stress, fat, depression, etc and build a fucking empire!!!

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    I don't disagree at all. Any powerlifter will tell you how important the mental component is to continued progress. I'm sure the same is true in bodybuilding, it's just easier to quantify in powerlifting.

    I can get really psyched up to the point where I make my heart rate and blood pressure skyrocket. I've mildly blacked out on maximum lift attempts before as a result, heh.

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