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Supps, in general, are bogus?

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    Supps, in general, are bogus?

    I've been listening to alot of sports radio and there have been several "experts" on discussing supplements and their relevance. First we had Stringer, then Kyle, now Bechler all dying with ephedra in their systems. Now all these freak'n experts are claiming that ephedra contributed to their deaths (still waiting on Bechlers results).

    They say that, in general, all supplements are worthless and that the risk/reward ratios do not justify their usage. They also state that there is no easy road to greatness (this I do agree with). And go on to say that supplements, in general, will not give you the incremental results that we are looking for.

    I personally think this logic is flawed but, wanted to see if anyones opinions of supplements have changed?
    Striving everyday to getting Bigger, Better, and Better Looking. The later is a struggle.

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    To say supplements in general are bogus is rediculous. Even if you only look at the 'basics': whey protein, multi-vitamin, and creatine, who could argue that those 3 are worthless?

    Of course as soon as scientists find one's that actually work the DEA wants to make them illegal. *cough*1-test & 1-ad *cough*

    Now, I will say that too many people turn to supplements rather than finding out about proper nutrition first, and that is a big mistake. No pill can substitute for a proper diet no matter what your goal is.

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    A supplement is exactly what it says a SUPPLEMENT. Meaning if you can't eat enough protein etc. during the day, supplement the extra to be sure you are getting enough. If you don't need it you won't notice any gain from adding it. Even with a simple vitamin, if you don't need it, it will not do anything for you.

    But for today's lifestyle sometimes it's easier and more accurate to use MRP's and Proteins etc.

    1AD and 1-TEST are powerful. Not for the faint of heart.

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