So my current split is a pretty basic. I do a three day split where I do chest, should, triceps on day one and four. Back and biceps on day two and five. All legs on day three and six. Followed by an off day on my seventh day. I do about twenty minutes of cardio a day and abs about everyday. Usually I hit abs hard on legs day.

I know that's a pretty stupid split seeing as I get two times the upper body work as I do lower. I'm 18 and don't play sports so upper body obviously appeals more to me since its more fun and girls don't care about guys legs.

Well, I know that's bad and want to get more size in my legs and have a better split and workout program. I don't know how I should split legs though. My upper body days are fine and I'm not too worried about that. My legs day is as follows:

Squat - 4 x 6
Deadlift (very light weight and good form) - 3 x 8
Leg press - 3 x 15
Leg curls - 2 x 10
Leg extensions - 2 x 10
Calf raises (standing) - 4 x 6
Calf raises (seated) - 3 x 12

That seems like a lot legs in one day but I am never sore really and my weight keeps going up. I want to split my program so I do:
Day 1: Chest, shoulder, triceps
Day 2: First leg day
Day 3: Back, biceps
Day 4: Second legs day
I want the legs day to be split but don't know how I should split it? Quads and calves then gluts and hams? Any suggestions, opinions, or comments are appreciated. Try to keep the bashing on my current workout on the down-low though.