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We'll Carry On!

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Thread: We'll Carry On!

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    We'll Carry On!

    We kiss our families good-bye
    Most of us go out into a world that few of you will ever see or know anything about.

    Statistics show that over half of us will one day come home to an empty house and a note saying, "goodbye, I can't take your job anymore."

    But we carry on..........

    We know we have a job with one of the highest divorce, suicide and mental illness rates in the world

    But we carry on...........

    You curse us when we stop you for speeding-
    you weren't there two hours ago when we covered the body of a three year old child killed by a speeding car

    But we carry on............

    We'll intervene in fights and take the beating meant for you, knowing that you wouldn't do the same for us and probably won't even thank us

    But we carry on..............

    We investigate the murders, rapes and robberies and have to watch the victims' families weep in court when a judge has to realease the suspect on a small technicality

    But we carry on............

    We see families wiped out in accidents, then we listen as the person who did it is fined a hundred dollars for drunk driving, given a limited driving privilege so he can get back and forth to work and church on Sundays

    But we carry on.............

    We know that if you hit us, unprovoked, you'll probably get a fine in court for assault
    We know that if we hit you, unprovoked, we could lose our jobs and everything we own for police brutality

    But we carry on.............

    The uniform is not armor, it won't stop bullets, knives, bricks or stones
    We have gone in burning buildings, cars and icy waters to try to save lives
    Some of us lose our lives in the process

    But we carry on...............

    We are part mediator, problem solver, professional driver, weapon experts, guidance and marriage counselor
    We are part analysis, lawyer, fireman and doctor and sometimes boxer and wrestler

    Does your job require this much and even sometimes more?

    I doub't it-We know all this

    But we carry on...............

    We're not expected to be the one thing we all are-Human beings

    Sometimes though,we forgot and act like them-
    We get angry and say or do things we shouldn't

    Please forgive us! But if you don't-

    We'll carry On!!!

    (Dallas R. Pruett - Winston Salem Police Dept)

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    Good reading!

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