Any Side Effects?

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    Any Side Effects?

    Hello All,

    Is there any side effect of taking protein shake? I used Labrada Pro V 60 and new I'm using NO Pro Complex.

    What is BCAA, I know its a list of amino acid like arginine, alanine ...etc. what does it do and what kind of gain does it provide? does it have any side effect for using it?

    I've been advised to start using Creatine. All I know about it is that it holds water in the muscle and protects the muscle from braking down but I'm afraid to use it because I had some history with kidney stone and I don’t want to have any side effects.

    Amino Acid pills, what about them? Any side effects?

    I used multi Vitamin, how do you know if you are overdosed with it? And what are the side effects?

    Appreciate your advice.

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    Give this a look brother Branched-chain amino acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I advise on taking them through out the day more so when working out take them before your workout or if you have a powder drink it through the workout.

    No side effects. Just read the bottle.

    To keep it simple BCAA's are the building blocks of muscle.

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