Anti-diabetes drugs may cause diabetes

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    Anti-diabetes drugs may cause diabetes

    Anti-diabetes drugs may cause diabetes
    by D Holt

    (NaturalNews) Statin drugs are prescribed to lower cholesterol in the UK for obese patients, and also to those who have type-2 diabetes. But according to the Food and Drug Administration in the USA there is a risk of developing diabetes if you take statins -- so much so that the FDA has demanded that warnings of the risk of the development of diabetes on put the labels of statin drugs distributed within the US. In the UK, however,there has been a reluctance to include a labelling policy as it would cause patients to be adverse to their treatment.

    Do statin drugs cause diabetes?

    The link is a 'statistical' one; there is an increased risk of being affected by the risk of diabetes if you take the medicine. However, the link between the medicine and the side effect is severe enough for the FDA to act, which is a factor that the UK government seems to disregard. Other cases of this disregard forthe research of othernations includes the banning of all except eight artificial food colors in the USA and other nations,whereas the UK still allows several of these banned colors to remain on the market.

    Yet again, the medical establishment seems to think the way forward istreating acondition with a drug that has the side effect of causing the sameproblem it is treating. Diabetes is a serious disease that can be prevented with education about good nutrition and exercise; however, there is no profit in this and therefore we have to tolerate the pushing of drugs to control this affliction. The same can be said for depressionthat is treated with antipsychotic drugswhich can cause depression and carry a suicide risk. A simple way to avoid depression is good diet, meditation and an outlook on life that embraces celebration of achievements no matter how small, the treatment of problems as opportunities for improvement, and conflict as a means to communicate and build relationships.

    Natural living is the answer

    Diabetes, cancer, stress, depression, addiction and obesity are diseases of the modern Western world caused by a lifestyle of unnatural living bothin diet and approach. Whilst we harm the environment and each other in the pursuit of profit and material gain, we lose sight of the things that are important to us and our loved ones. Also, whilst wetread upon the earth we should understand the need for balance at all costsand the effect of disturbing this balance. If we eat an unhealthy fatty and sugary diet, we will harm ourselves and cause diabetes, obesity and otherillnessesrequiring expensive drugs that in turn mean more harm is done. On the other hand, a balanced lifestyle means we are much more statistically probable to notendure the issues and afflictionsconnected to the Western diet.

    It is the way of the corporate world to suck us in bypromising great taste and a world akin to the cottage in the story of Hansel and Gretel. However, it is also "natural law" that there is cause and effect; to reduce need for thesedrugs, all adults must take responsibility for what they put in their mouths, even if it is only to reduce the profits of the greedy corporate machine.

    Learn more: Anti-diabetes drugs may cause diabetes
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    love these posts

    im starting to take my health much more seriously now


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    Thanks, great post. My doc told me i was border line diabetic, put me on drugs had severe side effects from the drugs which made everything worse. As soon as i was able to go back to the gym VOILA no more diabetes! after many blood tests, it's like i never had or was even close to being diabetic. Exercise rocks!

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