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Adding Peptides to a PH stack

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    Adding Peptides to a PH stack

    I am 42 and have run several PH cycles with great results and just now looking into the peptides. I'm looking at running a major recomp plan in Jan.

    Clen - 120/120/120/0/0/0/0/0 (BP too high to run at the same time with the h-drol)

    11oxo - 300/375/375/375/375/450/450/525

    H-drol - 0/0/0/75/75/75/75/100

    I have some Ostarine, GW1516, and considering getting some hexarelin. Any suggestions on what and where a peptide could fit in my stack here? (Not a peptide but thinking of adding T3 to the beginning - gained too much bulk lately.)

    One question on peptides in general...the stuff I have now is all oral and I don't mind the pin...I have read all the info on how to use and reconstitute etc. My question is do most RC companies send bac water with their peptides or will I have to get that separately?

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    Honestly, hex desensitizes so fast that I would suggest GHRP-2. They are both about the same strength, and 2 has less sides and won't desensitize with proper protocol.

    Combine that with a GHRH like Mod GRF and you'll have a nice set up.
    150 -200mcg's of GHRP 3x per day
    100 mcg's of Mod GRF 3x per day

    Administer first thing a.m., post workout, and right before bed.

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