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Does gh cause prostate problems ?

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    Does gh cause prostate problems ?

    I have read a lot about gh causing prostate problems,i am 63yrs old and have just started a low dose of gh,along with 100mgs of test cyp a week,but after reading about prostate problems i am beginning to think is it worth it,anybody have any thoughts on this please.

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    Are you wanting to do a longevity dose?If so do it once a day and you wont have any probs.Iv Benn on gh a lot and i never have had any problem.If you want go to the doc. and talk to him about he chances if anything and im sure he will put you on some gh himself.

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    GH increases IGF-1, IGF-1 is a growth factor it can cause increased growth of any type of cell including prostate. However at a longevity dose you should not have anything to worry about, if you get into supra-physiological levels and stay there then you may have a problem. Are you using synthetic HGH or a peptide combination to release the GH?

    Higher estrogen levels coupled with lower androgen level from getting older will be a larger factor. Also using a product that binds to SHBG will keep from stimulating BPH. My favorite is Stinging Nettle Root extract, and Zinc. I get mine from Swanson they have great vitamins and herbs at great prices.
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