Hernia surgery.....

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    Hernia surgery.....

    Man I think I might have a hernia.. Right side is swollen right where my obliques meet with my abs wit pain down the to the right nut fml! I blame front squat/back squat superset. Anyways I got doc appt Monday they said if its hernia they will refer me to surgery that day. Most hernia surgeries are laproscopic or little incisions by the belly button etc. My question is will there be any complications since I'm running prop,tren,mast, winny?? I don't want to bleed out on the fucking table cuz I know my hemo is probably high as fuck

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    First I had hernia repair surgery 10 yrs ago. Nothing terrible. About 5 weeks off. Get back real slow ! As far as gear before surgery yes you want to get off before due to bleeding issues among other things. Good luck with recvovery !

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