Hi I am a complete newby to steroids. I'm a qualified personal trainer but had a ruff few years and have only managed to get back to the gym after putting on around 3 and a half stone in *4 years. I want to get in the best shape of my life and found a guy I know who did gear. I lost a stone in around 2 and a half month before I decided to run the gear. I explained I wanted to lose *fat mainly and eventually with other cycles and hardwork, get stripped. It Wasn't a quick fix I was looking for but just a boost and a start on to the anabolics. He recommended trentest, winstrol tablets, and t5s
T5s Twice a day*
2 mil trentest in the glute onc e a week
And 1 winstrol tab a day

I started on Thursday and since I've checked reviews and forums alot say don't use winstrol tablets, don't use tren on your first cycle etc

I now know it might not be the best beginner cycle but the guy I know seems alright and *seems as though he knows what he's talking about.

So if ige is wrong and it is a messy stack , I'd really appreciate it if all the *decent users who help other people out give me some advice. Im not loaded and have already started , What can I do to reduce side effects , not worry, *amend side effect, how to tweak the cycle , how long , how to come off etc he does post products so what should o get etc

I'm 6,3 *around 22 percent body fat and about 100kg

When I first injected it was awkward, I moved the needle , the barrel was wide so it was one of them stiff ones... Made it hard to aspirate without moving.... It left a big bruise a red blotchy area around it and was warm to touch, all the symptoms pointed to infection and now it's clearing up! So I'd really appreciate advice *, criticism, whatever helps thanks

Only side effect iv had but only after 4 days is *my balls feel a little smaller? Normal? What help? Don't want to get boobs when I stop etc*