Pinning that is. Last week I had major pain from pinning my right quad(see thread).
Yesterday I pinned my left quad(just 250 mg test E) and again, it hurts like hell. Same as always. I`ve done this hundreds of times. I`ve used this test before(even this vial), alcohol swabs for top and injection site, changed needles from drawing to pinning. It`s NEVER hurt like this before. This isn`t as bad as last week but it shouldn`t hurt like this. I thought maybe too many mgs last week(300 test, prop, etc mix) but 250 mgs of test E should be a walk in the park. Are my quads just pinned out? I guess I`ll go back to glutes. I hate pinning glutes.

BTW, there is one thing that is new. I started using Formeron the same day I pinned last week. No where near the injection site and hours apart so I don`t see a connection, but it IS new.