How to Make Money and Get Published in Fitness Modeling

If you do plan on making money in fitness modeling then always get your content.

You are better off shooting TFP (trade) and getting copies and rights to all the content than getting a couple hundred dollars to shoot. A single photo set won't make you much but once you gather up enough content you could make hundreds, if not thousands, every month for years to come!

You probably will not get paid to be published.

Getting published is great but keep in mind you will most likely not get paid to be published if the photographer submits the photos. Even top girls like Jamie Eason rarely get paid for published work... Even for a cover! So if you are shooting content for submission be sure to shoot extra photos for your own use. If possible you should try to get at least 30 good shots of each look.

Submit your own photos to be published.

One of the best ways to get published is to submit the photos yourself! Most of the photographers are overwhelmed with photos from many different models so it's best to take it into your own hands. Many of the magazines have email addresses for the editors or for submissions you can find on the first few pages of the magazine. Most will pay between $100 - $200 for a published photo so it is possible to get paid too!

Have the photographers sign a release for you to keep.

We suggest having all photographers you shoot with for trade sign a release form for you to keep giving you the rights to sell and use the images anyway you'd like.. You can download a PDF of that form HERE.

Don't leave the shoot without a CD / DVD of your photos.

Get all your raw photos before you leave the shoot!! I've heard countless stories of models waiting months to get even a few photos let alone all the raw photos. It only takes a few minutes to burn a DVD so don't let them give you any excuses. Even better bring your own 8 GB memory stick and have them load it up!

Launch your own website.

Starting your own website to sell your photos, videos and other services is a great way to make money. You will need to be proactive and tenacious to make the money but you could make thousands each month!

Sell your content on sites like Female Muscle | Female Bodybuilders | Muscle Women | Girls with Muscle.

Selling your content on Female Muscle | Female Bodybuilders | Muscle Women | Girls with Muscle is a quick and easy solution to making money with your photos and videos. You won't need to put out any cash up front or spend anytime marketing and promoting your own website. They will do all that work for you! You can get all the info on submitting content at Submit Content to

Work a few hours a week on webcams.

If you are comfortable with it you can earn up to $100 a hour on webcams. It definitely not for everyone and there is a learning curve but if you can stick it out and put up with the guys you can do very well on webcams.