Never used Daddy? Like using Daddy?

Well now you can get to try him or order more of the products you love.

This contest will run for 1 month.

We do ask for a honest opinion on the gear quality and service. Pictures of gear is also required. You don't have to post personal pictures if you don't want to but it may help you win.

So here is how you get that $100 credit for free.

Tell me why you deserve it. Why should you get the $100 credit?

Along with your response post up a picture (just 1 per person) of the women who you think has the hottest legs.

Whoever has the best response or best picture will win the free $100 credit. Ends June 7th.


- Must be willing make a log and give a honest review on the gear they get.
- Must be willing to post pictures of the gear
- Before/After pictures of yourself (don't need to post pictures now)
- Why you should win the $100 + picture of the girl who you think has the hottest legs.

If your not willing to do the above, please do not enter. It wouldn't be fair to others who are willing to give honest reviews.

I will pick one winner sometime after June 7th.